Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dizzy Box Nine - Electric Illusion

Dizzy Box Nine - Electric Illusion 

Who Dizzy Box Nine are is basically down to Randy Ludwig, as he comes out of Southern California with melodic, radio-friendly pop that carries an experimental aspect to it that renders their songs unique and not of the same old static-pop formulas. Make no mistake he’s the one behind it but there’s a fine band underneath it when you hear the album -Electric Illusion. It’s not an illusion though, it’s more like a reality trip with a good ending when the journey is over, and you just want to go back and have another ride. It’s a recommended experience I hope pop, punk and even folk lovers get to hear.

“Open Up To Me” is the right choice to open this album with because while it doesn’t come on too strong, it prepares you for the truck-load of great tunes to come. Most of what’s going on with this record is covered in this song, from the melodic vocals and killer guitars, to what sounds like an intended rough production with smooth corners. It’s a solid opener even though you could probably choose any song on this album to open with.

The follow-up “Oh Yeah” is rather tremendous with all the energy they’ve got. This just takes it to another level and gets you ready for more. It’s highly motivating and even somewhat spiritually uplifting. It flows like no other song on the album, with a precision that’s hard to compete with. It sounds like the perfect single.  “Good” is another track that is in competition for best song.  I still can’t seem to get that chorus out of my head, “I’ll take you anywhere with me, yeah!” 

So is the clever and melodic track “When I Look At You” with its captivating guitar that seems to instantly hook you. This is a smoking track that shouldn’t be missed. It’s as if Randy Ludwig has cracked the secret code behind how many times to repeat a line, and with each repetition you become more and more hooked.  It’s like a pleasant dream, “And when I’m with you it’s all ok...” It brings you back to better days, with plenty of sunshine and hope to share.  
“Rosie” is seemingly a song about a girl who works at a diner, and yet, it manages to describe all of us to some extent, doesn't it? It’s layered with electric and acoustic guitars, with a killer vocal, and an even more killer background vocal. The background vocal kind of makes the song!  It’s like a song from 1997, with a background vocal from the mid 80s, that all “works itself out” cleverly in 2017. Make no mistake, this song rocks as good as any on the album, and is sure to be a crowd favorite. 

Pop lovers of every sort should find Electric Illusion to be pleasing to the ears, and to the soul. With songs like “Crazy Superstar” and “Plane Song” it’s chock full of what’s missing in today’s music, which is a proper mix of pop and rock without leaning too far in either direction. Dizzy Box Nine seems to have found that balance. 

Alan Foster

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