Friday, September 8, 2017

The Sighs – Wait on Another Day


The Sighs – Wait on Another Day


Musical energy and the exchange between audience and a song or band can be such a crucial lifeblood for a composer -or a band as a whole- gathered in the name of fulfilling exhilarating music for music fans. Some of this applies to Pop and Rock. Massachusetts based The Sighs seems to have a firm hold on energy with their melting pot of fun sounds and beats that will warp many into musical submission without even trying. One of the industry’s rising and greatest bands are back with their latest 11 track collection called “Wait On Another Day”.
The Sighs brings a great variety of influences and experience to the table with each and every track. Cited influences are: The Beach Boys, The Cranberries, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen & The Smashing Pumpkins, among others.We start off with the intro banger “It's Real”, a brilliant melodic intro piece full of heavy riffs and vocals that make a real connection with the listener. Things does easily slow down (though are still incredible catchy) in the following songs, starting with “Wonder of Love” and the title track.  In any other case, this loud to low abrupt progression  would have bother me and bore me to death, but this band has had enough time to chop their skills and that shows on this album, as not only does it feel appropriate and much needed (almost like the half time after a very heat sports game) but it shows the band isn't just one pony trick. The Sighs are amazing constant throughout the whole experience that Classic Rock, Power Ballad and Pop fans will love. LaRoche vocals are to die for, they effortlessly dive between the melodies he's given on each song and knows how to elevate the already great music to higher grounds. The CD ends with what sounds like a live track, "Thinking About Soul" that brings back the same excitement and energy the album kicked off with. The guitar solo and pretty much everything feels as an rock arena anthem and you can easily picture yourself and other people around just jumping around, headbanging and raising those horns up in the air.
The Sighs shakes the tree with this CD entitled “Wait On Another Day.” These 11 tracks have a little something for everyone under and is well worth the listen. At the least it will be sure to get your legs and ass shaking along.

Julie Griffey

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