Sunday, September 3, 2017

Here's the Riot - 'Love Makes Me Crazy'

Here's the Riot - 'Love Makes Me Crazy' 

The year 2017 has shown a rapid gain in musical momentum as a number of efficient and skillful musicians go on a roll craving the desire of creative music. “Here's the Riot” is one of a kind which has proficiently established its place as one of the best rock bands in this era after they released their first album “Tonight We're Alive” on 24th of July 2017 under the label of Full Bleed Records.

The band is masterminded by guitarist and singer Paris Tompkins who has also written all the songs in the EP. Eric Reymond supports him with bass and Victor Singer beats the drums, forming an exceptionally talented trio.  

Paris moved from Houston to Los Angeles to seek his career in music at the young age of 17. Later he formed the band “Slamhound” with singer Josh Todd of Buck Cherry where he was the backup singer and guitarist. Later Paris joined the alternative band “Church of Mars” as their lead singer.   

Taking inspirations from the well-known rock bands like Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Guns & Roses, Paris has shown his genuine creativity in all the five songs of this album. The words are heartwarming and emotional, strongly based on love, anger, heartbreak, hope, freedom and being human.  

Among the five songs, the first single song released was “Love Makes Me Crazy”, which is also featured on the hit television show “One Mississippi”. The song creates the best power chord symphony of a relatively hard rock record taking the band to great heights.  

Beginning with a powerful and balanced rhythmic instrumental section, the song “Love Make Me Crazy” increases the notch of a listener's experience quite high. By the time Paris mouths the first few lyrics, the alternative rock structure is already created.  

Paris has kept the lyrics simple yet catchy, amusing his audience by provoking their emotional thoughts on love and despair.  

The audience would promptly relate to the emotions in each of the lines that he has so perfectly versed in the song. 

The chorus gives the feel of yearning for freedom from an emotionally draining relationship which keeps provoking the anger and helplessness within. Truly inspired by his own life, Paris has effectively entwined his talent and experience in various astonishing moments with each verse.

The chorus is cleverly linked for maintaining the flow of emotions from pain to hurt and then anger. The impressive vocal and engaging instrumental score gives a shallow dip before taking the high notes with the next high intensified verse which enkindles the vulnerable state of a broken heart. 

“My heart is gone but my blood still pumps”, another stance which slowly fades into a painfully defeated state as the song takes a clumsy turn clustering the mind with stories of love and betrayal.

“Love Makes Me Crazy” has the power to engage its listener into a distinctively engaging tale of insane love and heartbreak and the way everything falls apart as the pain engulfs every hope and imposes an unbeatable craziness.  

Stephanie Smith

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