Friday, September 8, 2017

Bunny Sigler is back

Bunny Sigler is back 

World renowned, Philly-based R&B singer/songwriter Walter "Bunny" Sigler is excited to announce the lyric video for his latest single entitled “Angel Eyes” is now available. The single is also out now on iTunes and all major digital outlets. “Angel Eyes” is the second single from Sigler’s upcoming album Young at Heart – an album that bridges the gap between Sigler’s classic R&B sound and the world of jazz. This is the second single of an album that promises to be everything they’re made of and more, as it bridges the gap between R&B and jazz, both of which he proves to be excellent at.

The song video is a glance into the past, showcasing the glory days of 
jazz, the American songbook, and the Rat Pack while featuring Sigler’s silhouette in various scenes throughout. The black-and-white look of the video compliments the song’s melancholic tone and draws viewers in with its vintage style. The second you hear it though, is where it all begins and the images just enhance the sensational audio experience. It’s a gifted voice that Bunny possesses, just as Ella Fitzgerald, Sinatra and anyone who’s able to even sing this piece of beauty. Because that is what it takes to pull it off without failing miserably.

Not just any song can have the power to be larger than the players, but this is one of them, so it isn’t everyone’s job to tackle. You have-to have the chops and the soul for it or it’s not going to put any hook on such a classic to be covering. The lyrics are marvelous and the backing strings terrific as well. Not to mention the piano playing in which an awesome effort was made. The first thing I wanted to do was look for the first single to go with this and await the album. That’s how much I enjoyed it, and although I’ve known plenty of his work I’m happy to know more. 

You don’t get this everyday but you can listen to the original track by Ella Fitzgerald and the Frank Sinatra cover anytime. The good thing is this adds to them all compliments and no disgrace. The soulful sounds of his voice, is the first thing you notice any time you hear it, and on this he makes no exception to that rule. Get to know them if you don’t and get the best of three worlds, because you’ll just want the song in your life more, if you’ve never heard this record before. It comes recommended for its respect to the original, as it dare I say rivals it with every good intention to bring something of his own to it.

Writing for tracks like Instant Funk's "I Got My Mind Made Up", Patti Labelle's "Somebody Loves You Baby," The Whispers' "Bingo", Jackie Moore's "Sweet Charlie Babe" and The O'Jays "Sunshine" are what put him on the musical map. These are some deep funk and soul roots to be having, back in the era where everything sounded fantastic or it never made the shelves. It’s no surprise that level of quality sound is kept in-tact, because any fan can spot a signature sound as the years go by. It also checks out for the effort to embed an authentic sound that holds up and lasts in your head. You can’t beat it, it resets his own bar. 

Jeff Turner 

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