Saturday, June 24, 2017

Yellowline - Almost Something

Yellowline - Almost Something
Straight from the water’s edge of Seattle Washington there is a fantastic music artist with a great new musical sound of acoustic ambient rock. Its edgy Seattle flair is sure to take you on a transcendental movement of the soul. The Album "Almost Something" by the musical group Yellow line music is set to be released June 27, 2017. Brian Ackley is the singer and solo artist for this band, but also gives credit to Jeff Barrs on drums for song number three "The Same". Their eclectic mix of acoustic, heavy metal guitar, percussion with a bit of a Seattle Ska flare is sure to add a new flare to the music world. It's edgy sound with almost dreamlike qualities takes a person to the edge of reality and back again. 
First song of their newly released album "Almost Something" is Drag the Harbor is an edgy mix of Alternative acoustic guitar with heavy metal undertones. The innovative avant-garde sound gives it that gritty off-beat sound. Which would be great for a late night relaxing and kicking back letting the mind clear some space. The style which I heard it was described as being a mix of Morrissey and Leonard Choen, but I say it's more like Leonard Choen and Morphine without the sax. "This" the second song in the album "Almost Something" is a more vibrant mix of pellucid high-pitched clear tones. Which lucid and free flowing style makes it easy to just sit back and enjoy the rhythmic progression of the song. Next song in this album is "The Same" is mainly acoustic guitar with light percussion does not over power the ease to which the song seems to effortlessly progress and is largely uncomplicated, easy laid back style makes it undemanding on the ears and is easy to listen to. "Undertow" is acoustic guitar with metal mixed seems to have a bit of Ska style with an element of metal undertones with an edgy Seattle flavor. It takes you on an acoustic trip of different rifts and textures. "Empty Wish" has an acoustic guitar introduction with distinctive stylistic vocals which is meshed with instrumentals combined to almost give it a dreamlike feel. "Signal and the Noise" Sixth song in the album "Almost Something" is metal guitar with drums an eclectic mix of ambient rock with a Ska feel. The last song of the album is "Trance" an eclectic mix of instrumental sounds and tones that seems to take the listener on an auditory trip. 
The album "Almost Something" is a fantastic edgy mix of acoustic ambient rock and with dreamlike qualities takes a person to the edge of reality and back. What I loved about it was its edgy Seattle flavor. Only I wished the final song "Trance" had some vocals it seemed to have something missing although it may have been the artist giving us a taste of just the ambient sounds of the streets, but overall the album was fantastic and I am really looking forward to what they come up with next. If acoustic ambient rock and trance music is what you like I would suggest checking out the Brian Ackley's other albums on yellow line music.
Aura Stiers

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