Monday, June 26, 2017

Impuritees - 'Nothing Matters'

Impuritees - 'Nothing Matters' 

The sound of the group "The impuritees" is hard rock with the unmistakable element of reiterative pop music in the non-commercial style. The 80's and 90's are calling and they want to remind you (part of) how things were done back then. 
For those nostalgic of those times of garage bands, baggy pants, 'Nothing Matters' will be a good deal with an organic sound that could remind us of bands such as red hot chilli papers (And I'm not even joking, this sounds like a possible parallel project by Anthony Kiedis himself, no joke) and -perhaps- to the Cramberries back in '93.
The project, published and recently released on June 16th of this same year, starts with the title track, which in turn serves as opening as the first track 'Nothing Matters' begins with heavy base guitars that a just a pair of compasses later are then accompanied by a melodic guitar with simple riffs, then Duncan Lee begins to sing in a duet with a female voice for most of the song. The piece shows a Form A, not containing great variations and constant re-exposition of the main theme and tonality. The riffs of the first verse are repeated in the second and during the bridge to finish without any rhythmic variation or modulations. This may be tedious for those who are looking for something more elaborate and might press the stop button. 
The next track 'Acceptance' begins in a relaxed way, just like riffs and Lee's voice making falsettos here and there. Once again we have the form A with a simple theme. 
Moving forward, we have the third track, 'speak to me' which seems to be a very long coda from the previous track. The mold once again repeats itself and (honestly) if it was not because I saw that another track was playing I would’ve thought that I was still listening to the second song still. This song has a somewhat melancholic vibe, despite being simple evokes the feeling very well. 
'Easy way' is the theme that gives closure, that as the title says itself, it was the simplest (or easier) way to end this project, the subject is rather loose and does not contain anything that distinguishes it from the previous tracks, again, some riffs are appreciated, simple thematic exhibition, without variations, nor modulations. 
Duncan Lee’s project 'The Impuritees' does not have a proposal that can be pleasing to a very diverse public, since it is extremely minimalist, repetitive music and this can be tedious for some listeners who may have tastes for more elaborate creations and with more resources, however, sometimes, less is more and those who just want to be in their rooms starring at the ceiling and pondering about life and its ups and downs this could be a good background music. 
As for the visual concept, it looks very careful and according to the name of the band, it is not scandalous and does not have the courage to arouse controversy or ambiguities, but if it leaves you thinking about the meanings that the symbology used may have for Lee.  

Anyway, I still recommend taking a good listen to the songs and make your own opinion about it. 

Jose Carlos

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