Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Joshua Lukas

Joshua Lukas 

London based singer/songwriter Joshua Lukas has been living in the UK since he was a child. He was born in Tehran to Armenian parents. He writes from the heart with a focus on meaningful lyrics and simple memorable melodies. He believes a song can inspire, motivate, reduce one to tears or just simply act as a forum of escapism. Now armed with everything he needs, this singer-songwriter has recently released his first EP entitled Beautiful Promises containing three songs; “Beautiful Promises,” “Just Because” and “Father Gone.” The title track also has a music video that was filmed in London, showing some of its iconic sites, such as Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral and London Eye. The Beautiful Promises EP is a spiritually uplifting trio of tunes based on the faith of Joshua Lukas, but they also cross over into mainstream music lover territory. Where music speaks for itself, Joshua lets it do its own magic and manages to enhance it all with fantastic vocals, as well as adding some female backing vocals by whom I do not know and cannot find credited anywhere, but should be credited for the contributing. This artist is primarily a folk-driven singer/songwriter but the gospel side is just as evident, and they blend with perfection. But with only three tracks to review, the EP begs for a follow-up LP.

Joshua Lukas is certainly capable of expanding on this, as the songs prove that much with flying colors. They’re all evenly produced with the same heartfelt approach to both the music and the lyrics. These are three very good numbers to take him to the next level, the first being “Beautiful Promises” itself, which a promotional video can be found to help circulate it. This is a track with many layers and a lot of great melody, and with or without watching the video you get drawn in within the first few bars. But then it picks up and becomes hypnotically strong with some orchestrated parts before the next verse takes over.

The piano helps the powerful message and it cannot be denied how delicately it all blends together. The acoustic guitar lines are also brilliant, making for a full circle of elements to finish off a commanding piece of music to lead the three tracks off. If you’re not able to follow the excellence displayed by this artist by the time this track plays out, you’ll have to settle for whatever it is this does not contain. But let it grab you for all it is worth, and that can’t happen. As this is the strongest of the three tracks on the EP. But of-course there is a lot more to explore in the following songs.

“Just Because” begins with a completely uplifting sound that stays on the lighter side of the previous track. It deals with not wanting to be judged before, during and after a relationship with anyone. Love is the word, and Joshua spreads it generously here with another fine song. But it doesn’t exactly top the opener. It rather sits well between it and the closer, “Father Gone” which like “Beautiful Promises” contains some more seriousness. This is a track which gets back to the more religiously driven title piece. And together they all come out in the end to belong together in one release. Enjoy the love, pain and sorrowful three songs which make for a heartfelt EP. 

Larry Toering

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