Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Forever in your Mind - Smooth

Forever in your Mind - Smooth 

Forever In Your Mind are produced by Dustin Atlas, Eau Noir and Josh Gudwin (Justin Bieber, Bebe Rexha), and co-written by the band, the songs pair up well, tackling the mysteries of a relationship on the edge. Sporting a serpentine groove and sleek blues riff, “Smooth” dissects the competitive nature of love, while the equally sophisticated “Missing,” with its wailing harmonies, laments a relationship fractured beyond repair (“All that remains is my broken faith”). The two tracks “reflect real emotions everyone feels,” notes Liam. “We wanted to be as real as possible, because we’re writing in a more mature frame of mind.”

The Boy Band craze is something that will never die, and the Trio of Forever In Your Mind have been getting it down since 2013. They have gone through changes and still survived the ringer. On this new release, they get ready to tour with a couple of fresh cuts to add to their set. It should keep their crowds happy whether in NY or Denver. This should help give them another reason to come out to see them. Performing is really what it’s all about for both them and the fans. There aren’t many facts in music but that is as close to one as it gets. What better way to throw it out there than to tour and hopefully tour more. “Smooth” is no cover of “Shake Your Booty” or a Christmas song, both of which they’ve done in the past. This has huge wings of its own in which to fly and soar over and above most Forever In Your Mind songs. I rate it as the better of the two tracks featured, but they both earn their marks. It’s just that “Smooth” is the deeper of the two, which puts it in front of “Missing” where it belongs. And this one comes with a nice video clip to look and get even more into the song. It’s about figuring out who we are and fitting with others or not. Making and breaking rules is just one of the dynamics they cover in the words.

Where this takes Forever In Your Mind is yet to be seen, but it has the potential to take them over the top of the rainbow and land on their pot of gold. But it’s not like they don’t stay busy with other activities, they have just gone to another level on this track, as well as the other a-side of the coin. And maybe they’ll get a lot of traction with both, or in reverse for all anyone knows. But you can judge for yourself by picking it up or streaming it. The video can be found on social networks and the songs at retain with the rest of Forever In Your Mind’s music. It’s not hard to find, but it should be more accessible based on the quality of these two new titles.

A lyric video can be found for “Missing” and lets it stand on its own for now, but a video should get produced of this one two. It’s more on the upside concerning the arrangement and the vocals are all over it in contrast to “Smooth” which has a much mellower presence. But for all “Missing” is good for, it does reach places the former cannot possibly go in structure. So, these two make perfect sense together, even though they don’t have anything in common but the socio-political subject matter they’re always good for. And if Forever in Your Mind aren’t good, people are losing their hearing for the worse. This is a world class act with a release of the same caliber in tow. 

John Birch 

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