Friday, May 5, 2017

Cause for Paws – Rescue Me

Cause for Paws – Rescue Me  

Some of acoustic music’s most respected and gifted artists have come together with Blue Night Records for the creation of Rescue Me! It is truly a “cause for paws.” From its inception, the project has had one driving purpose: to support the furry creatures who so enhance our lives with love and loyalty. Now, at last, that purpose has materialized with energy and joy as a 12-track compilation album of tender tunes that honor our four-legged friends. Rescue Me! is a heartfelt collection of Americana music featuring songs that are thought-provoking, uplifting, engaging, and downright funny.

This is a welcome surprise for any cat and dog pet lovers to enjoy and kick down for the “cause for paws.” But if you’re not, you can still relate to most of the cuts by way of the music because these are all seasoned artists, rather than amateur musicians trying to support a charity. Many of these can be filled with them, but these are pros. It has twelve tracks that go both familiar and strange places. The CD opens with “Barn Cat” and the artist is Mary Ann Kennedy. Most albums start off with their stronger tracks, but compilations aren’t always traditional that way. But in the case of this one, as it is one of the more mainstream efforts with a tasty phased guitar solo. Joni Mitchell comes to mind here.

“Possum And Pearl” is by bluegrass artist Kathy Chiavola, and it mentions “too prolific,” which stands out after hearing it a few times, as being just that in its own right. And a good thing about this CD is that the songs can be found on the releases of the artists as well. So, when you stack it up it is all pre-recorded but sounds exactly like it was all done together. Not the case, as it is inadvertently attached to so much more music. One can find a lot in the artists, after hearing them play on this. I find the first two tracks to nearly dominate the rest in the arrangement department, but every single track has its place in the compilation.

You can kick back to it or cruise in the car to it, either way it’s good for reasons than not. “Get A Dog” and “My Old Cat” are examples of how risky it can get when putting so many tracks about essentially the same thing, pets, as they can run together but read awkwardly. But that is only a general criticism of the running order of the tracks. If there is anything else to suggest, it wouldn’t be on the artists or the songs. These things can just be hard or easy to select and arrange that way. It’s nothing to do with the content. “My Old Cat” and “My Best Friend” read kind of the same, but rest assured they’re nothing alike, just like cats and dogs.

“Why, Why, Why” is by Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay, and features both male and female vocals, with some electric guitar thrown in. This is a slow country number with all the bells and whistles. It deals with why pets resemble their owners and vice versa. You find humor in most of these stories, which is one of the stronger aspects of the release. And another worth mentioning is the following track, “Catitude” which is by Effron White. It centers around a break up and how it gives him a real Catitude in the process. You just have to appreciate the overall humor. It’s comical in places, and fun loving stuff. 

There are no fillers on this, except for perhaps one of anyone’s choice, if that. You’ll like everything from “Our Cats” by Cindy Mangsen from “Songs Of The Feline Persuasion” to “I Miss The Dog” by Jamie Anderson from her CD “Listen.” They go wherever cats and dogs go, but this time we’re on the leash. You will also like ‘The Best Dog” from Amy White, and “The Kitty Ditty” which is by Joel Mabus, which can also be found on the “Fortunes” CD. Even if you don’t find pets irresistible, there is still some compelling music to grace your ears with. It’s a winning ticket if you ask any pet and music lover, but it’s all up to the supporter, once it’s in your hands.

M. Martin


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