Thursday, May 25, 2017

Another Mile by The Spiders

Another Mile” by The Spiders
It’s rare for a song that is well-composed, well-timed, and plainly great to come along. It’s even rarer for a song that somehow makes listeners want to move, to get excited, to pop up, but The Spiders’ newest single, “Another Mile”, fits the bill and does just that. Those who’ve heard the song are probably rocking out right now, and those who’ve yet to do so should read on to find out what makes the track so special.
First, “Another Mile” is instrumentally engaging and powerful. A formidable guitar, steady bass, and thrashing drum rhythm coordinate directly out of the gate, thereby making clear to listeners that they’re in for a fast-paced treat. Importantly, the song’s instruments never feel forced or, as is commonly found with modern rock tracks, too quick. Rather, “Another Mile” manages to strike a delicate balance between sprinting and walking—a balance that’ complemented by top-notch playing skills, and a balance that sets the stage for the song’s remarkable lyrical delivery.
A song like this, even with its once again outstanding instrumentals, would be lost without grade-a vocals. Luckily, The Spiders’ front man delivers the goods. Besides being consistent and range-focused in his singing, the lead vocalist here perfectly times and matches his words to the instrumental pitch, resulting in an almost-artificial-sounding overall song. Just in case some readers were unsure, it is certainly a good thing when a song’s vocals and instrumentals match up so well that they sound artificially arranged!
And for further clarity, they were not, in this instance.
“Another Mile” also impresses lyrically. The upbeat, optimistic words uttered by the lead man are sure to inspire listeners—an impressive contrast to most other music today! What’s more is that these vocals, which obviously focus on “Another Mile” in refreshing one’s body and mind, also encourage others not to give up in adversity, and to appreciate everything life has to offer. Again, this is a stark contrast to most other music, as vocalists so often remind listeners of their specific plight and difficulty.
Finally, “Another Mile” is also benefitted by a high-quality video. It’d be a shame if such a one-of-a-kind song was accompanied by a lower-end video (as is commonly the case), but that’s simply not a problem here. The runners remind viewers of the need to move through all sorts of hurdles, be they pavement or life problems, and the well-shot footage of The Spiders playing is just exciting—that’s all there is to it, and that’s a good thing.
Rock ‘n’ roll fans, general music fans, and/or anyone interested in being motivated and inspired should check out The Spiders’ “Another Mile” track. The engaging, energetic, fun song is a throwback to the days not only of pure rock, but of music with meaning. Besides, it looks like The Spiders may very well be the next big thing, and as such, anyone who jumps on the bandwagon now will be able to say they boarded first.
Mindy McCall

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