Friday, February 16, 2018

Sule - Love Me

Sule - Love Me 

You don’t hear songs like “Love Me” much anymore. There’s no unnecessary bells and whistles with this tune masquerading its lack of melody or merit, no hip language designed to capitalize on the zeitgeist of the moment. Instead, Sule’s “Love Me” gets over with its intended audience for all the classic reasons – there’s immense attention paid to melody, accessible yet well worded lyrics, vocal excellence, and superb production virtues defining the song, but the heart of it all is driven by a sincere and deeply felt performance from Sule. To put it bluntly, he means every word. It comes across without any pretense or apparent strain and further benefits from being cut to an ideal length. “Love Me” is this Canadian performer’s finest performance to date and poises him for a brighter future than ever before.  
The swing aspect of the songwriting definitely sets the performance apart from typical fare in this mold. Sule and his supporting musicians never over-emphasize this element to the exclusion of others and there’s an overall coherence to the piece that brings all of those components together in a highly complementary manner. If Sule or the musicians have any self-consciousness about pursuing a long-forgotten style for popular music, it never shows. Instead, there’s an easy going nature surrounding this tune that comes across from the first and never feels forced. Moreover, the recording has a level of intimacy that sounds like the tune is specifically recorded for you alone and Sule’s cool, finessed yet emotive vocal underscores that closeness even more. This song is an ideal example of the possible results when musical artists work closely together to produce an unified work of art and it will likely win you over from the first hearing as it did me. 
Make no mistake, however, that Sule’s singing is the showcase moment of this performance. His voice has a wideness and vividness thanks to his talent for incorporating a number of moods into its sound. It’s satisfying on every level. There’s real sweetness, a little melancholy, and even some soft pedaled sensuality that comes through in his performance and it all springs from a blues/jazz foundation that’s a perfect fit for the Americana tendencies of the songwriting. His upbringing in a very different nation doesn’t have any detrimental effect on the piece – if anything, this outsider point of view brings a fresh interpretation to this style that few of his contemporaries can readily match. It’s obviously one of the more inviting and personable singles to come down the pike in recent history and has a strong performance at its center that promises to open a new chapter for Sule’s career and life. “Love Me” will satisfy both longtime music fans, those who already admire Sule’s considerable talents, and any newcomers willing to take a chance on this fantastic track.  

Laura Dodero

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