Monday, August 28, 2017

Seconds Before Landing – 'Now That I have Your Attention'

Seconds Before Landing – 'Now That I have Your Attention'
There is a new genre of rock that is slowly getting so much buzz from rock lovers and musicians now. Progressive rock has a cool style that has a huge classical influence, using percussions, keyboard instruments and long compositions and sultry vocals. Picture a rock sound that finds a place in a symphony. It sometimes is called classical rock and some artistes even give it a jazzy treatment.
John Crispino is the brain and voice behind Seconds Before Landing and “Now That I Have Your Attention”’ and you can tell that there is a maturity behind this third studio album. What “Now That I have Your Attention” does is a wonderful mix of eclectic sounds that make the twelve tracks on the album a diverse listen. John Crispino’s writing style is distinct, you can hear the message in each song clearly through the lyrics, others are elaborate compositions that are amazing listening experience. If we take out the Intro and the Outro, there are just 10 full songs so it comes a bit short in terms of actual music content.
There are some songs on the albums that epitomize the diversity of John Crispino and his band. 4 A.M opens the album after the intro and is a mellow sound backed by soulful melodies from the ground. Track 5 is Head Down Low is a mid-paced ballad supported by classical flutes, drums and keyboards. It is a perfect description of S.B.L’s type of music. The vocals are reminiscent of a church choir with varying ranges of pitch. The result though is intense melody that you can shake a bit to, not in the regular rock kind of way, more like a Kenny G song.
One of most interesting things about the album that you would enjoy is the smooth transition from one song to the other. Great lyrics and beautiful compositions befitting of any stage. You may not have the head banging that you’d find in traditional rock but this works wonderfully. There is only one guest appearance on the album and even that does not distract from the sound of the album. Track 6 “Things” is another great song that shows off the entire group’s talent. All the instruments come to fore and are backed by another strong vocal performance by Crispino. The song talks about the different things that run through our minds and determine what we do. Compared to S.B.L’s earlier albums, it’s easy to see that the group is finding its voice and making music their own way.
This would have been a five-star album except for a few reasons. I would have liked to see a bit more diversity in the paces of the songs. Feels Good is one of the few songs that gives a different flavor and so it stands out with a distinctively punk rock sound, under the heavy influence of electrosynth and the guitar.
Now That I Have Your Attention does exactly what it says; it catches your attention from the intro and takes you into a journey into the world of Seconds Before Landing. Have a glass of your favorite drink ready and enjoy!
Jimmy Testa

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