Monday, August 28, 2017

bd Gottfried

bd Gottfried 

In 2017 - bd Gottfried is an edgy, uncompromised writer releasing his 8th solo album entitled: Through The Dog’s Eyes - produced by Juno Winner Siegfried Meier. With airplay in over a dozen countries he continues to work in an unrestricted style with lyrical depth that will always take you on a journey. Having a varied working background as a touring musician and session player. Working in the past with a vast array of artists such as Pino Palladino (Pete Townsend, John Mayer Trio). Breen Laboeuf (Celine Dion, April Wine). Greg Dechert (Bad Company, David Gilmour), to name a few.

That is just the short bio version of what this artist is all about. TTDY is a concept album of sorts if you put the words together, but they all play like huge individual pieces of their own. So, if you don’t know what it’s about, you still get an enjoyable album’s worth of great tracks. Some of them more serious than others, but that comes with the ups and downs of any story based-music. Kicking off with “Something You Weren’t” gives an instant chance to see how he cleverly combines all-of the styles he brings to the table in one song. This works remarkably well to start with, as makes you want to go the distance with the rest.

The next track, “Crosshairs” isn’t quite as interesting, but you hear some of his musical heroes laced through it. It drags on in a couple of places and doesn’t quite meet the standard of the opener. But this is rectified on one of the upper-cuts of the disc with “Blame It On The Money” and the former is easily forgotten for any flaws. This song makes up for it where anything dips, as it fights for the best track on offer. You can’t say enough about a song like this, it’s as good as he seems to get. It’s strategically arranged in the right spot to give it the limelight too. This should stand at the top of his catalog.
The contrast of “Eye Of Time,” while not too stark, adds some differences to make it hold up well enough to follow such a good track. The up-front singing is world class, and that drives this one all the way home. If you let yourself take it all in, you’ll find a singing job that won’t be easy to forget. This is a sublime album and track that makes a mark by laying on a hypnotic vocal. The same cannot be said for the likes of “Frequencies” but it comes at the right time as it brings the tempo down to a whisper after such a blazing two tracks. The cream all lies right here on this part of the album, and this track helps reset the vibes.

The bluesy sounds of “Breakaway” also make for some pretty-cool stuff with a Chris Rea sounding vocal on the first half that just works. But anyone could get lost or found listening to such a record. It has some huge moments but also some small, less inspiring moments to experience. It all comes out in the wash, and tracks like “Do We Have Love” contain a little of both levels of quality on display. But it’s not a patch on the closing majesty of “SOS with an IOU” with its clearly better effort put forth. It ends what is essentially a fine 8th release, even if you have never heard bd Gottfried. Start here and delve into him.

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