Thursday, July 6, 2017

Elle Casazza - 'Proof'


Elle Casazza - 'Proof'

Elle Casazza is a pop singer who has been on the music block for several years now. Her latest album, Proof, is a nine-song collection of some of the best neo-pop from the artiste to date. Throughout the album, Casazza uses her silky-like vocals to give narratives that portray her emotion to her audience. The album's songs spring various genres, with neo-soul and jazz strings standing out for most of the collection. Some, like “Hey” and “Cooking,” bring back the ‘60s funky soul. 

Looking at individual songs throughout the album, a few things stand out. In “Cooking,” Casazza sings a love ballad that explores the sizzling nature of sensuality in fascinating beats that make fingers just tap the air with their own ‘da, da, da’ rhythm. The five-minute “Isn’t it Good” track also brings out a little singing-in-the-shower quality lyrics to the mix. Casazza seems a little bit more experimental with “Isn’t it Good,” allowing for a strikingly high-low vocals combination that makes the song very appealing to listen to.   

“Last Word” and “Save Me” are jazzy, funky and good songs for dancing along to because of the complementary instrumentals. Between the two songs, ladies might appreciate “Save Me” more because it has a very distinct feminist quality to it. Casazza exploits her high-range vocal quality to voice her independence as a woman in a way that makes one think of a woman standing on a dais and declaring that “I’m here!” 

Proof is also a display of Casazza’s creative depth and musical diversity. While she gets away with sultry vocals and cheeky lines in songs such as “The Body Knows,” it is intriguing to see how she balances those with other genres on the same album. Take “Too Bad” for example, she talks about lost chances at love with reggae-like accompaniments. The vocals are smooth, the lyrics relatable and the song so slow that it’s just right for nights by the fireplace with a glass of wine in hand.  

The moods in Proof are diverse. Casazza’s defiant songwriting stands out in the more soulful “I Listed” and “You,” ballads whose vocals are enough to give a few goosebumps. In “Hey,” “Cooking,” “Last Word” and “Isn’t it Good” the tapping beat, vocal crests and troughs create funky treats that make for some good dancing music. “Save Me” is demanding, “The Body Knows” is hair-raisingly persuasive and charged while “You” well, it just makes it seem good to be in love.    

Overall, Elle Casazza’s Proof album is a great addition to the more daring jazz, soul and pop jam fan's collection. Her vocals are powerful enough to engage even the most stoic listeners, and the instrumental complements will fascinate anyone who is more into beats than vocals. The songs are easy to sing along to (“The Body Knows” is especially catchy) and slow and low enough for those long and tired evenings. However, tracks like “Hey” might just be too instrumentally busy for those with a taste for strong, clear vocals at the forefront.  

Sonia Temple

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