Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Don Rousell – My wife and my Girlfriend (feat Shane Regal)

Don Rousell – My wife and my Girlfriend

Don Rousell just released his latest single “My wife and my Girlfriend (Feat Shane Regal). Right from the start I like everything about this track. His answer to mundane music is to deliver something unique, and powerful full of rock n’ soul.  
In this cut and paste industry with a plethora of DIY Musicians coming out of the woodwork, armed with nothing more than a PC, Microphone, a guitar and a crappy sounding CD – it’s nice to know there are a few artists out there that can still deliver music that will make your jaw hit the floor while plucking your heart strings at the same time. These new artists I speak of manage push their music out to the world and much of it is, do I dare say substandard in nature. So enter a guy like Rousell who breaks through the mold. So what do artists like Professor Longhair, Levon Helm, Taj Mahal, Doug Sahm and The Spinners have that Rousell ddon’t? Not much if you ask me save the multi million dollars promotional machine and major record label support. Rousell and his red hot band break the mold with his classic 70’s sound and amazing movements that will mesmerize both the novice and advanced listeners alike. “My wife and my Girlfriend” is shall I say a top-flight single delivering singing and songwriting that  has deep seeded classic blues-rock roots but also possesses elements of Soul-Americana, Blues so many adore. “My Wife and my Girlfriend” has a solid feel to it while tugging on your heart strings a bit. The playing skills of Rousell and his band are all over the map but manage to never cross into “freak show” territory. But getting back to Rousell - he is a premier talent that makes this whole experience special. His voice is intoxicating like a drug, and with his arsenal of experiences he gently takes you by the hand and leads you down an impassioned musical journey entitled “My Wife and My Girlfriend”. I especially like his trailing vibrato within each phrase. 
Right now after hearing Rousell’s music I must say he is the quintessential Soul artist the world needs right now. I don’t say stuff like that often. He’s a bit modest armed with a wise man persona - sings, plays bass and performs songs the way they were meant to be sung - confidently avoiding any over the top vocal “showboating”. All in all “My Wife and My Girlfreind” is a great musical advent. Apparently there are still a few composers, arrangers, musicians, and vocalists out there believe in playing music the way it is meant to be played.  

by Savanah Bryan 

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