Thursday, August 2, 2018

Ben Rice releases “The Getaway”

Ben Rice releases “The Getaway”
There is music that makes us dance uncontrollably. Music that is so heart-throbbing that we’re forced to get up and move to its rhythm. There is music that makes us cry without inhibition; it moves us from somewhere deep inside, somewhere sacred that can only be reached through pure, unfiltered emotion. And of course there is music that makes us love, feel love, open ourselves up to love for what is often the very first time. The vulnerability is scary, but somehow music always has a way of making any situation a little easier to tackle, consume and digest as part of this crazy world that we live in. Sometimes the emotion can be too raw and we get lost in the translation of an artist’s feelings. But then there are the times when an artist is so deeply connected to his or her audience that we become synchronized with their soul to the beat of their song. Ben Rice’s “The Getaway” reaches out and grabs us by the core of our being, carrying us away on its unique journey of contemplative observation of the world, the life and the people who make our existence on this planet real.
Ben Rice is a storyteller in every sense of the term. His music isn’t made with the singular goal of making us move or feel love. His music is inspired by the feeling of being alive itself, encapsulating all of the joy, sorrow and at times irreverent discontent that each day tends to bring in some way or another. In certain respects, he’s not just telling us his story, but he’s telling a bit of ours as well. “The Getaway” applies to his own point of view, but it could just as easily be applied to a lot of our own viewpoints as well. How often do we find ourselves trapped in a life that we never planned on, searching for some kind of outlet from all the noise? And in that search, how often do we end up finding that the solution to our woes, the calm to this storm, was within our reach the whole time, if only we stopped panicking long enough to see it for ourselves?
There usually isn’t a lot that we can learn about an artist from a single alone. “The Getaway” is Ben Rice’s virgin offering as a solo artist, and without delving too deep into his highly acclaimed work as both a producer and a band member, we can still deduce that not only is he talented as a performer, but as a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist as well. He has such an intense connection to his craft, such obvious love for the work that he produces, that it isn’t hard to conclude that whatever his upcoming extended play contains aside from “The Getaway” is highly likely to be amazing. If he continues to make music that is as evocative and emotionally relatable as what he has done with this single, he’s almost guaranteed to have even more success in this highly competitive business.
Joshua Beach

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