Monday, March 20, 2017

Kanisha K - Bet on Me

Kanisha K - Bet on Me 

Producer Joe Vulpis, known for his work with Lady Gaga among others, has shepherded Michigan born Kanisha K to another rousing musical success with her latest release “Bet on Me”. This condensed, sharply composed single, co-written by Kanisha and Vulpis, is an ideal new offering for Kanisha’s career at this point. It smacks of the personal while still offering up a compelling musical and vocal experience for any listeners who encounter her work. Kanisha, since her debut, has made a reputation for herself as a purveyor of top shelf pop music that doesn’t pander to its audience but, instead, shows enough vision to straddle the demands of connecting with listeners while still remaining hidebound to self-expression. It’s an impressive achievement from anyone, but particularly so from a young performer like Kanisha whose career trajectory is in the ascent, because of its self-assurance and the seamless presentation. She proves herself to be a heavyweight singing talent with this track. 

Vulpis really does an exceptional job setting this song up for Kanisha to get the most out of it. It begins in an understated fashion, but the full band soon enters the picture with the sort of significance and consideration that the song deserves. There’s a lot of ways you can take this song, but the backing musicians make a clear effort to complement her vocal and lyric with an equally emotive backing track. Their efforts are spellbindingly successful. There’s real warmth and passion oozing from the musicians and they hit all their marks at just the right point without ever lapsing into self-indulgent displays of their virtuosity. Instead, they serve the song first and foremost with the right amount of discernment and artistry. They have multiple chances, however, to add their own creativity along the way and the performance greatly benefits from those instances when they choose to seize the opportunities it presents.  

There’s a lot of opportunities presented by the lyric and vocal alike. Kanisha’s writing has outstanding clarity and never goes in for wordiness when it can accomplish the same goals with as few words as possible. Not all singer/songwriters understand the balance a good lyric should strike with all of its surrounding elements, but even a cursory listen to “Bet on Me” demonstrates that Kanisha K understands this quite well. Her vocals are perfect for the song. It isn’t long after listening to this that you’ll convince yourself, yes, this is a person everyone should be willing to take a chance on and the biggest reason for that is her obvious devotion to nailing this song without any room for error. There are no errors or missteps. Instead, Kanisha shows a luxurious, sure footed confidence throughout the track that makes the most of its promise and frequently reaches rousing heights. “Bet on Me” is, without question, Kanisha K’s best single yet. This is the sort of quality track capable of transforming a performer’s career and it’s likely to win her an abundance of new fans.  

Scott Wigley

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