Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Jesse Eplan – Dreams

Jesse Eplan – Dreams 

Jesse Eplan identifies his particular style of music as “rop” – a personal anagram of his R&B, rap, hip hop, and pop influences that come together on every track with a signature feel that no one else can claim as their own. His musical trip commenced at seven years old with the discovering of bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin who inspired him to pick up a musical instrument for the first time. Eplan soon discovered he possessed the unique ability to master any instrument he picked up and this continued to be the case as Eplan further spread his wings and applied himself to instruments like guitar and bass. One of the most important discoveries he made, his talent for perfect pitch, has helped set his musical endeavors apart from most because Eplan has the ability to make a deep impact as a solo artist despite relishing a desire to collaborate with others. The avowed guiding principle, however, behind Eplan’s art comes through in every minute of the song – he delivers an inspired performance intent on inspiring his audience. “Dreams” fits the bill quite nicely.  

The backing track is solidly R&B from the outset. It achieves a great groove despite the electronic instruments thinks to how tightly its wound the arrangement is while still retaining a stylish and tasteful push. Some might long for more definitive percussion, perhaps even live drums, but the electronic percussion still sets a tone along with the scattered fat bass notes. The keys and synth lines fill the song with a lot of color as well without ever descending into the mechanical lifelessness so prevalent in electronica. 

Much of what gives it that life is Eplan’s vocal. He shows a lot of patience here as a singer and the phrasing has variety and subtle turns that engages his target audience. Eplan seems to look within, smirk, and turn his eyes downward throughout the entirety of the performance, but he gives a variety of emotional looks to the listener that make this quite a memorable outing. There isn’t a single needless word in the lyrical content and not one wasted moment in the vocal melody. Lyrics should serve the song first and foremost without regard to their ability to stand on their own and “Dreams” is no exception. The words are a perfect fit for the musical arrangement and Eplan knows where to place them for maximum effect. 

Eplan’s forays into the musical world have gained him an immense amount of attention and efforts like this ensure that attention will only expand. As he gathers momentum, Eplan has gathered a team around him to help highlight his talents and push him to the next level faster than ever before. “Dreams” is a profoundly personal work that provides a high entertainment value for fans of the genre and has such great quality that it is quite capable of winning over even people who normally don’t flock to this musical style.  

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