Monday, November 14, 2016

Alessandro Coli - I Betcha'

Alessandro Coli - I Betcha' 

Alessandro Coli’s career path was forged early on and he is pursuing his dream with a singleness of purpose and the talent to back it up. The Italian born nineteen year old began his mainstream career with an appearance on the national Italian television show Io Canto and garnered a ton of attention from that appearance. He soon signed to Sony Music and released highly successful recordings in Italian and only made his American language debut with the early 2016 release of “Flames”. The first entry into English music proved to be quite successful and earned him a spot on the Billboard charts as well thanks to the efforts of collaborator and multi-platinum producer Chris “C-Rod” Rodriguez. His second single “I Betcha” builds on the success of that song and shows a demonstrable step forward in its clear sincerity and strong songwriting.

Bringing an entire genre’s game a full step up might seem like a fool’s errand. If so, thankfully no one told Alessandro Coli. This performer served notice that he intends to make it on a global scale and proved with the release of “Flames” that he will give the best possible effort to realize that dream. He succeeds spectacularly well here thanks to the strong confluence of every essential element – the electronic musical arrangement and his vocals share equal footing in the mix and renowned producer Chris Rodriguez is, undoubtedly, once again a major force in shaping the work like he was on Coli’s English language debut. It’s memorable to hear how the intensity of the music takes on a slow rise and Coli’s vocals joins in the ascension but uses great judgment in perfectly modulating his voice against the electronic instruments.

The synthesizers, bass pulse, and drums pop with immediacy and will undoubtedly sound massive piped through some massive speakers. Another of the song’s finest qualities is the slightly gritty edge in the mix, the spike in its punch, that strengthens the effect of the lyrics. Coli has a total vocal command and gives the song a hard nudge at key points that are particularly effective. The lyrics are surprisingly artful for the genre as well. There aren’t any unnecessary poetic flourishes, naturally, but Coli communicates his tale of woe with understated elegance that nevertheless retains a conversational tone. 

Alessandro Coli’s second effort into the American market sets him up as one of the major talents going forward in the dance music scene and his rise will only continue. “I Betcha” has some real sophistication in both the music and the lyrics and Coli gives it the final touch with a supreme vocal turn. It never tries to take over the performance and shows the instincts of a musician far older than his nineteen years. It’s rather thrilling to imagine where Coli can take this from here, but there’s no question he has yet to fully realize his considerable talents.   

William Elgin III

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